HouseEurope! The Transformation Issue

Every building is up for demolition — you just don't know it yet! Today, buildings are seen more as investment opportunities than as spaces for people to live. Driven by financial speculation, countless square meters are left to decay. Sitting empty only to be demolished and replaced. This cycle spans from industrial sites and office spaces to even functional spaces like family residences. This practice fosters both social and environmental dilemmas.

This studio shifts the perspective on preservation from a retroactive measure to a prefigurative action. We aim to preserve the normal, the worthless, the ugly — just as much as we do the listed buildings for cultural and historic reasons. Research studies such as "obsolete city" identified various typologies that, due to shifts in social, economic, ecological, and cultural dynamics, are likely to fall out of use. These future ruins include offices, shopping malls, storefronts, banks, and parking garages, among others. This studio wants to leverage these obsolete typologies as a foundation for designing prototypes and establishing legal precedents on how to adapt and transform existing structures for living. Thus, each project focuses on a specific building typology, delving into both local and European legislation to juxtapose standards and norms. In doing so, we seek to identify legal levers that, though presently unrecognized, offer opportunities for reusing and refurbishing buildings that are on the brink of obsolescence."

Altes Strassenverkehrsamt
Afterlife 2.0
Creative Crossroad
Dwell The Office
Gas Stations Reimagined
Living With The Current
Old Iron Does Not Rust
Park-haus II
Park statt parken
Post Squat Stays
Shifted Living
Somekind Of A Wonderful Machinery
The Next Fun
Three Houses Without Qualities