By shifting the perspective from wanting to change the existing to valuing what is already there, people finally understood it‘s value. That space is space. And there was never a lack of fancy space, there was a massive lack of just simple and affordable living space. The Dolder Waldhaus has it all. Only the suspension brackets of the concrete elements on the weathered facade are rusty. To ensure the future viability of the building, it is therefore crucial to take a closer look at the facade. Our intervention proposes a step-by- step renovation of the facade, with only the bare essentials being done. In addition to the subsequent insulation of the apartments, the living spaces will be slightly extended and more light can be brought into the rooms. Read more

The scaffolding of this construction site, which is normally only used temporary, will become permanent and serve as an outdoor area for the residents. It symbolizes that something temporary can become something permanent and that every space can turn into a usable one that lasts for a long time. A scaffolding basically may remain in place as long as it is required for the completion of all related work. The Dolder Waldhaus is transformed into a never-ending construction site. The Dolder Waldhaus becomes „something unfinished“.

If a rental property has short-comings such as struggling with noise, dust, loss of balcony, view blocked by scaffolding or similar, the tenants concerned are entitled to a rent reduction. This means, as long as the scaffolding is there and as long as the Dolder Waldhaus remains a construction site, rents can be kept low. Through the affordable living spaces that are being created with this project, the quality lifestyle with proximity to nature and breathtaking views that Zurich has to offer is no longer considered a privilege only for high earners. Instead of letting the socially disadvantaged be driven further and further out of the city, the social mix is being promoted and gentrification is being counteracted. Read less

Alexandra Crum, Elif Isikli, Roxana Puiu
Arno Brandlhuber, Bing Liu, Giacomo Ardesio, Jolene Lee, Meghan Rolvien, Severin Bärenbold, Olaf Grawert, Pan Hu
Julian Banjavcic, Elisabeth Müller