On Data-Spaces: Real Virtuality

The role of architecture is changing from a discipline that once challenged social and spatial norms to a mean generation of economic profit and endless growth. Operating under a neoliberalist agenda, it suggests no alternative to the free market. Architects have been forced to argue for buildings from a solely economic perspective to survive and compete with corporate developers and private agents.

A discussion on the discipline is started and a call for action is made: architecture as argument. Rather than giving into the definition of architecture as pure economy, research is done on other types of organizations and practices that allow architects to speculate, story-tell, and reimagine alternatives for an increasingly corporate discipline. A proposal for a new architectural practice! This practice will not ignore the economic reality but will look into the political and ethical implications of the field. In order to shift the focus away from the architectural object towards its broader context, a time-based medium of television will be used to reinforce its multiple dimensions.

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