Coop is a cooperative.
Therefore, they should act as a cooperative.

Timeline A renders the probable outcome of the free market development of the site, following Swissmill's relocation to their central logistics centre and bakery in Schafisheim.

During our research we got introduced to an activist group which proposed a "virtual squatting" approach to interfere in the process earlier than physically possible. They launched a campaign introducing Coop Wohngenossenschaft, apseudo-sub-cooperative of Coop. They used different techniques to get peoples' attention. On a website, one could register to become part of the proposed housing cooperative. The site they chose for their virtual squat was the Swissmill Areal.

We want to emphasize that we are not involved in this campaign, nor with the activists behind it. In Timeline B however, we designed our proposal as if the Coop Wohngenossenschaft was to be real. It is a counter proposal to Timeline A - how the transformation could play out if Coop honoured their cooperative principles. If the future brought something else than expected.

Design Studio
Janis Stainhauser, Jonas Schafer, Hugo Lindberg
Severin Bärenbold, Arno Brandlhuber, Pan Hu, Roberta Jurčić, Jolene Lee, Meghan Rolvien
Dolma Vanetti, Jan Van Ditzhuyzen, Ludwig Engel, Olaf Grawert