On Ownership: Property Show

Under the stress of capitalism, we have come to acknowledge new agents in the making of our built environment. The omnipresence of (new) consumable technologies has created a more homogenous environment that appears on local scales, resulting in the same objects, contents, and contexts produced globally. In the realm of interconnected networks, the metropolis will be left behind, shifting the focus to a more graspable scale. The village of Lech will be used as a test site for researching different agents in the production of capitalist-driven space as found in every global city.

As Lech oscillates between a local village and a small city, this scale allows us to understand the different systems at play, extracting information about privately owned public spaces, production of homogeneity through value engineering, and the agency of non-architects in the making of our built environment. New visions for Lech will be produced, introducing technology as an accelerating component. Taking place in 2027, one envisions realities that implement architecture and technology alternatively, producing a pseudo-realistic vision for a near-future society.

Digital Show
High-Way Up
IKEA Housing
Limited Space
The Europe Hotel
Tutorial Diary
World One