HouseEurope! Power to Renovation

HouseEurope! is an initiative that advocates for a social and ecological transformation, prioritizing renovation and adaptive reuse over demolition. By raising awareness and pushing for better legislation, the initiative aims to restore value to existing buildings, support small-scale businesses, and create sustainable and affordable living spaces. This shift will reduce emissions, preserve community fabric, and ensure a fairer, more inclusive building industry.

HouseEurope! advocates for EU-laws to make renovation more affordable, easy and social. Because the demolition of existing buildings is as outdated as food waste, fast fashion and single-use plastics. The initiative demands a Right to Reuse for existing buildings based on three key pillars: (I) tax reductions for renovation works and reused materials, (II) fair rules for the assessment of existing buildings, and (III) new values for the embedded CO2 in existing structures.

Berlin / Zurich