We Believe in (Science) Fiction, the Realism of Our Time

This article, first published in Accattone Magazine #6 (2019), explores the potential of fictional film as an architectural tool. Together, director and TV producer Christopher Roth with philosopher Lietje Bauwens and architect Wouter de Raeve speculate about the capacities of time-based media and storytelling to actively shape the processes behind our built environment.

Just as Bauwens and de Raeve experienced with their film project WTC, A Love Story. In that, they follow a similar approach as Christopher Roth introduced in his projects Hyperstition and 80*81: by fictionalizing the events around a real case, they blur the boundaries between facts and fiction. WTC, A Love Story addresses the exploration of a vacant office tower in Brussels North, trough the different lenses of the users. These partially real, partially fictional characters negotiate the future of the building, making the „making of the film“ an architectural process. Just as reality informs fiction, fiction feeds back into reality. Read more

Christopher Roth (Berlin / Venice) with Lietje Bauwens and Wouter de Raeve (Brussels) in conversation with editor Galaad van Daele (Paris)

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Galaad Van Daele
Lietje Bauwens, Wouter de Raeve, Christopher Roth
WTC, A Love Story
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