Cohabitation Exhibition

Cohabitation was organized by ARCH+ and comprises of an exhibition, a discourse program, urban explorations and an ARCH+ issue. The project explores the living conditions of humans and non-human species like animals and plants and, how they could be integrated in design practice and spatial production. It is intended to provide a thought provoking and rethinking of existing relationships and to show what and who of all can be an „urban agent“. contributed with exhibits in the show at silent green and a guided urban exploration at the site of Mäusebunker in Berlin. The speculative interventions aim to transform the former experimental facility into a place for #multispeciescohabitation – without ignoring the long tradition of #exploitation of animals in the name of science.

The exhibits were a model of the Mäusebunker that gave an insight to its architecture and how it became (re)occupied of non-human species; videos that were produced in two semesters dealing with the topics Housing the Non-Human and how to deal with existing buildings; and the so-called Atlanten, in which calculations on the structure (usable areas, available technology, etc), are compiled.

A discussion on Architectures of Cohabitation II – Mäusebunker was also held as a discourse program.

Find out more about the project here.

Find the issue here.

Find the podcast of the urban exploration „Quarantine and Biotopes“ here.

Find the info of the discourse „Architectures of Cohabitation II“ here.

Rosa Ammann, Seren Arber, Paul Theodor Ban, Paul Robert Joseph Barth, Joël Berger, Charlotte Bitter, Anna Bruni, Caspar Bultmann, Anna Caviezel, Defne Cetinkaya, Héloise Dussault-Cloutier, Lukas Felleisen, Leo Filser, Loris Galan, Patricia Gama, Flavio Gisler, Paula Gisler, Maximilian Glaus, Noelle Haffter, Oskar Haushofer, Anna Luzia Hess, Lewis Horkulak, Beatriz Klettner Soler, Elias Knecht, Lorenzo Lamarche, Bing Liu, Hannes Lukesch, Oliver Luther, Laia Meier, Khalil Mdimagh, Nicola Moos, Pierre Musy, Radenka Nikolova, Laura Oberholzer, Timon Rajmon, Raphael Ridder, Noah Schweizer, Jamila Scotoni, Pablo Stadelmann, Sara Tomasini, Aline Vonderwahl, Dimitri Weber, Robin Weber, Theresa Zhur
Severin Bärenbold, Michael Birn, Arno Brandlhuber, Marta Fernandez, Olaf Grawert, Iris Hilton, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Roberta Jurcic (s+); Christian Posthofen (philosopher);