The Property Drama

In architecture, countless constraints and conditions lead to the design. The specific constraints and conditions imposed by the word are known to planners and designers as building law, zoning law or building code and are accepted, or at best interpreted, as such. Can these constraints and conditions also be understood as tools of design rather than as obstacles? Can planners and designers influence the definition of these constraints and conditions instead of being mere executors? Based on the film Legislating Architecture, The Property Drama widens, deepens, and raises the question: who owns the ground and why? It looks beyond the standard practices of real estate and privatization to understand how property is used as a means of control. How does property legislation determine the world we live in, and does it have the ability to still serve the public good? Because land ownership operates as the main trigger for social dispute, the film investigates the nuances and arguments behind the laws that shape our environment. By juxtaposing different positions, it collects, opposes, and creates new approaches to legislation and building in the contemporary context.

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Brandlhuber+ Olaf Grawert and Christopher Roth
Michaela Friedberg, Olaf Grawert (s+); Anna Yeboah (b+)
Oana Bogdan, Leo van Broeck, Peter Cabus, Sam Chermayeff, Michaela Friedberg, Yona Friedman, Renée Gailhoustet, Florian Hertweck, Phyllis Lambert, Niklas Maak, Patrik Schumacher, Jonas Staal, Raquel Rolnik, Milica Topalović, Stephan Trüby, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Hans-Jochen Vogel, Mirko Zardini; Cosimo Flohr (music)
© Brandlhuber+ and Christopher Roth
© Brandlhuber+ and Christopher Roth
© Brandlhuber+ and Christopher Roth
© Brandlhuber+ and Christopher Roth
© Brandlhuber+ and Christopher Roth