HouseEurope! Exhibition

HouseEurope! was invited to participate and present itself to the Belgian public as part of the POWER show at the CIVA architecture center in Brussels. On this occasion, we produced and presented the film "The Demolition Drama" as part of an activist installation. This event allowed us to highlight the urgent need for renovation and sustainable practices within the context of the broader discussions on energy, politics, and climate justice.

Official text by the curators:

POWER connects questions of energy and politics. The exhibition and accompanying program challenges viewers to consider how contemporary infrastructure relates to everyday life across intersecting concerns, including political institutions, citizen participation, geopolitics, energy transition, and climate justice. From oil and gas pipelines to domestic radiators, from wind turbines to recycling hubs, infrastructure is central to today’s debates surrounding systemic change. Objects of intense political, social, and economic contestation, these infrastructures distribute power in both senses of the word POWER: as energy and as politics.

Today, architects, landscape designers, artists, and urban practitioners perpetuate the regime of carbon modernity. Yet they are also in a unique position to shift discourse and practice toward large-scale energetic transformation.