The Demolition Drama

"The Demolition Drama" explores the impact of speculative practices in the real estate industry. It delves into how buildings are left vacant and ruined, only to be demolished for new constructions that prioritize profit over people. The film shows how the real estate industry harms our communities and discusses how functioning buildings are demolished for new construction. This is a practice that overlooks renovation as a socially, sustainably, and economically beneficial alternative.

Through a detailed examination of this cycle, it highlights both the impact of demolition and new construction on the environment and the overlooked potential of renovation as a sustainable alternative. By showcasing the economic, ecological, and social benefits of renovating existing structures, the documentary advocates for a shift towards renovation. Currently, only 1% of Europe’s existing buildings have been renovated, and with an annual renovation rate of 1%, it would take almost 100 years to renovate Europe’s building stock—four times longer than agreed in the 2050 climate goals. This shows the vast potential of renovation, offering a promising market for architects and builders dedicated to sustainable development. This growing market aligns not only with environmental goals but also with social factors and economic indicators.

Therefore, "The Demolition Drama" invites viewers to reconsider the current approaches to building, the real estate market, and urban development and supports the initiation of a renovation wave, as proposed by the European Union, across Europe to address the pressing issues of our time: the social and environmental consequences of the building industry.

The Demolition Drama (Short Version)