Mausi, Do You Copy?

Somewhere in the near future we are presented to a species-fluid being named FrogMan. He longs for a place where he can perceive and be perceived and stumbles upon the Mäusebunker. Upon his arrival he soon finds out that all walls have big holes punched out and that the acoustic situation is uninhabitable. The building’s artificial intelligence A.I. Arnold serves as an advisor to the inhabitants of the bunker. By collecting data and comparing each individuals frequency he guides the inhabitants on how to build their custom acoustic environment. It is a contrast of high tech A.I. and low tech foraging materials. Back in his acoustically insulated room FrogMan starts noticing weird little whispers and squeaks only to find out its a different inhabitant of the Mäusebunker: Mausi. When a bizarre glitch hits the Mäusebunker some inhabitants show their true intentions...

Paul Theodor Ban, Paula Gisler
Severin Bärenbold, Arno Brandlhuber, Marta Fernandez, Iris Hilton, Roberta Jurcic
Ludwig Engel, Olaf Grawert, Christian Posthofen, Christopher Roth
Ep1 A New Home
Ep2 A Piece of Advice
Ep3 The Gathering
Ep4 Whispers
Ep5 The Glitch