In the process of producing and displaying video, space and time are actively generated and manipulated. Under the theme BREAKING THROUGH, called for student works that embrace the transformative potential of the video media. Here we present three works that in different ways represent BREAKING THROUGH to new temporal and spatial perceptions through the video media. Three works in which the video medium appears as a dynamic tool for exploring and navigating contrasting communities, landscapes of private property and the agency of digital images. Thank you to all applicants for your contributions. Read more

cross, Anna Heidenheim Gerstoft & Amalie Sofie Leervad-Bjørn (2023), 02:30 min.

“Our video illuminates different kinds of societies and ways of living. Using two parallel clips at a time allows one to view the situations in a new context that changes our perceptions of what we’re looking at. The cross can both be uniting and dividing. The clips show contrasting communities that all become their own pockets in an already existing society. This we consider as BREAKING THROUGH societal norms.”

apastoral, Frank Brandon (2023), 04:00 min.

“The video explores the perspective of a wandering suburbanite, considering the paradoxical condition of the UK suburbs as a result of idealist visions of private property. By prescribing the border as a mediator of the way landowners relate to their surroundings,

a genetic code for this landscape can be simulated. The wanderer looks to act as the protagonist in generating a model speculation of a more inclusive and transitory UK suburban landscape, imagining the building block shaped by the realist negotiations of the fence rather than the ideals of the plot.”

invisual Injection, bullerup_autoservice (2024), 04:00 min.

“I was drawn to the idea of encoding, hiding a pattern, perhaps a message, in data; inside a digital image. These images could possess instructions, scripts, for computers to perform. Providing agency within the image, hidden and embedded. A contagious, infected image. Images with agency. Its existence [images] are entangled with software, hardware, code, programmers, platforms, and users. Images are capable of a behavior, to carry out a function that may or may not be intended to its user. Images are becoming computer programs. Images are now capable of triggering an intricate sequence of operations. Images with agency.” is an emerging platform for video art currently appearing at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. We show video works by and for students via already established video displays. The exhibited video works are contextualized both in the flow of information they interrupt and in the many differently func- tioning spaces they appear in. Our wish is to stimulate diverse learning environments and improve exposure opportunities for students. We are happy to collaborate with s+ for this online group exhibition. Read less

Anna Heidenheim Gerstoft & Amalie Sofie Leervad-Bjørn, Frank Brandon, bullerup_autoservice
Esther Fröhlich, Laurits Honoré Rønne (